Peptides Worldwide

Buy Peptides from the World’s Best. We pride ourselves on customer service and the fact that we always provide the highest grade research chemicals. No matter where you are in the world, our flat-rated delivery fee, and, extremely competitive pricing enables you to buy peptides from the world’s best, and have the assurance that you are receiving value for money.

Buyer Protection

Peptides Worldwide offers buyer protection in the form of a secure payment gateway hosted by a reputable company in South Africa, Payflex ( This company is also responsible for handling the card facilitation services for many very large corporations , chain stores and well know brands in South Africa. This list can be seen here :

So where is the buyer protection ?
Under only the circumstance of non delivery of your order do we offer refund and buyer protection, by lodging a complaint against the Payflex transaction on your account / card, with the bank that manages your card for you, your bank will dispute funds with Payflex. Our merchant agreement with Payflex ensures they return funds to your bank, we return funds to them.

Why does Payflex convert my order to ZAR (South African Rands) at checkout ?

In order to make use of the Payflex system and to allow card transactions which in turn can be disputed, Payflex can only receive funds in the form of local currency being ZAR. The currency converter plugin we use is a live converter that is linked to the worlds most accurate exchange system.